Video surveillance systems have proven time and time again to be a valuable tool in monitoring property, personnel and events.

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Remote access and management
  • Hardwired and/or wireless-based equipment
  • Wide range of camera styles to fit your every need
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With Video Surveillance, you can:

  • View live video to monitor locally or remotely
  • Playback video to investigate any event locally or remotely
  • Store video with a drive or in the cloud
  • Protect your assets from theft, pilferage or vandalism

Camera Analytics

Video analytics technology allows monitoring and custom notifications for your unique needs.

  • Self-learning capabilities
  • Information gathering is more efficient for later access¬†(i.e. can track a specific person throughout a building)
  • Cutting costs for storage capacity
  • Allows increased awareness for property events
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EAI Security Systems - Surveillance

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