Monitoring can be paired with our security systems and life safety systems to provide real-time coverage for your business.  EAI uses a UL listed 24-hour monitoring station to ensure the quickest, most reliable response in any critical situation.

Our monitoring services include: burglar and panic alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, video monitoring, elevators, emergency phones and more. See more of our monitoring services listed below. 

Monitoring - EAI Security Systems
Monitoring - EAI Security Systems, Inc. - Security Systems in Maryland

About Our Monitoring Services:

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Services
  • Personnel are trained to identify the signals being sent from your property and dispatch the appropriate emergency service personnel
  • Fitting to your needs, 24/7 facility monitoring will keep you secure

Monitoring Services

Burglar and Panic


Video Monitoring

Two-Way Voice

Gas/CO2 Detection and Environmental


Open/Close Supervision

Auto Testing


Emergency Call

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Service)

Video Filtered Response

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